Retro Bastard - Sticker Pack

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This is a special edition sticker pack.

Each pack will contain 2 “Retro Bastard” Vinyl Stickers.

Each pack will also contain at least 2 additional stickers from stock, past logo/sold out runs, unreleased special edition runs or small batch unreleased runs (these were test runs that never made it to production and are extremely limited).

Each pack will contain 1 Pariah 31 unused envelope seal label (the sticker that is affixed to our bubble mailers/envelopes).

Retro Bastard stickers are 3 inches width by 1.8 inches height. 

Sticker packs are limited to 20 released. These may or may not be restocked, but most likely will not be restocked in the immediate future.

Packs were prestuffed and will be sent out at random. 

No purchase limit.