20MM Skull - V1 PVC Patch (Limited Edition)

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20MM Skull Series

V1 “PVC Sugar Skull”

Primarily shot from the M61 “Vulcan” rotary cannon, the 20MM round is one of the most versatile sized rounds around. Most commonly used as an “anti material” round, they work best against vehicles, buildings and aircraft. The HEI warhead version allows even greater penetration power, killing armored targets just as easy as unarmored. There are some hand held rifles that fire a 20MM or similar size round, however experts advise not to shoot them from other than a braced prone or mounted positions. The primary use of these rifles are against tanks and other armored targets. These rifles are are normally too large for a single person to effectively carry and are not used that often. When creating the initial artwork, I used several images of 30MM, 20MM and 5.56 rounds as references. The end result was a very simplistic shaped bullet that could be viewed as any caliber round. I ended up naming it 20MM because it seemed like a good compromise due to its size and being both a rifle and cannon fired round. This was the first piece that I drew 100% digitally using Adobe Photoshop. The first version looked extremely different. Over the course of about six months, it changed into what you see before you. I was working on three separate pieces for project “Combobreaker” (my first kickstarter project). I would jump back and forth between them and as one got better and more intricate, the other two would lose their appeal. I’d then go back and work on the others until they were better... a vicious circle ensued. I finally got them all to a place I was happy with and launched the project. People liked it, and after 30 days I surpassed a majority of my goals. Project Combobreaker was a “Go” and Pariah Proper was born. This specific piece will forever be my favorite because it was the first,the original, my Grail.

  • 3.25 inch height 3.5 inch width
  • Hook backed patch
  • PVC moulded
  • Carded and numbered
  • Limited Edition 100

Order limit 3 per person.