Bastards Union Local #31 - Wood Patch (Limited Edition)

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"Bastards Union"

We are the workers in an entitled society. The honorable in a honor less world. Not afraid to get our hands dirty and build a foundation to call our own. Bastards one and all. If it’s any consolation I don’t begin to understand it.

  • 3 in height by 3 in width.
  • Patch is made from 1/8 inch African Padauk  hardwood with a black resin graphic inlay.
  • Antiqued brass fasteners accent the piece.
  • Limited production half will be available in person starting the 1st of September 2022 at the Usual Suspects Gathering in Las Vegas the remainder will be released online sometime after the convention. This patch will not be made again.
  • Our wood patches are handmade in our workshop in Tucson, AZ.
  • Hook side backed.
  • Limited to 45 made.

These patches will have variations due to them being hand made from wood the color varies from light orange to a deep red depending on the wood.

LIMIT 2 per order.