Die Display - Hardwood (Made to Order)

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**Note** Please allow up to 2 week lead time on all orders. Orders are usually fulfilled quicker but in times of high order volume lead times can be as long as 2 weeks. If you are purchasing a custom die layout lead time will be up to 2 weeks after approval of the lay out.

All of our wood working projects are made from solid cut hardwood. We do not use plywood or glue-ups. Markings are engraved with resin inlay. All woodworking projects are made in our workshop in Tucson, Arizona by a dude who most of the time has no idea what he is doing and is usually just winging it.

We do not use stain finish unless requested, instead we finish our projects with only the best food safe natural oils and stabilizers to bring out the natural beauty in each piece we create. This means you can eat off all of our projects if you want. No judgement.

Custom Exotic hardwoods are:

Purple Heart
Zebra Wood
Monkey Pod

Please allow an additional week lead time for custom exotic, as sometimes local wood stores run out and this has to be special ordered.

Project Description:

This is a made to order wooden die display. This display was created to organize our Kamsnaps® dies for our workshop, we have no affiliation with this brand or any other die or press, we are just a fan of their product. Board size is 14 inches by 7 inches with 1.5 inch depth and about 3/4 inch clearance underneath the legs.

Each set of holes has one larger and one smaller hole to accommodate the upper and lower die press fittings. I can only verify the compatibility of the dies in the display picture. If you want me to set up a custom board with custom holes for you please select the custom die setup option. I will work with you to figure out exactly what you need. Die holes are normally one large one small. I do not have experience with every die set so if you are ordering custom labeled holes please send me a list of dies you have and how many holes they require.

Full size display has 5 rows that will accommodate up to 4 sets (8 dies) per row for a maximum of 20 pairs of dies.

Half size has 5 rows that will accommodate 2 sets (4 dies) per row for a maximum of 10 pairs of dies.

Odd number die sets (like magnetic snap sets) will take up more space on a row (pictured on top row of product image).

All displays will come with the standard resin inlay decoration as pictured in the display photos. If you would like something different please send an email to admin@pariah31.com, I will do my best to accommodate.