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Have a “Bullet Notebook Armor” cover, but don’t have access to a good notebook because you were deemed “impotent" or “clinically insane”?

Lost all your notebooks in the great meme war of 2016?

We’ve all been there... I present to you the “Notes” Pariah 31 notebook.

Features include:

  • Waterproof faux leather binding, contains practically zero human skin. 
  • Heavy duty binding able to handle medium wear and tear. 
  • Ethically designed with “Papercut Safety” in mind.
  • 7.75” height by 5” width will fit at least one word per page.
  • 100 pages of paper goodness.

Available in black and dark green and in 3 styles:

  • Blank Sketchbook - Perfect for artists!
  • Lined Notebook - Perfect for taking notes!
  • Weekly Planner - Perfect to help you get your life together after you’ve hit rock bottom and can’t possibly “even” anymore.

Life hack: Use both sides of paper to double the life expectancy of each book!

Subject to restock. Limited quantities available. Pens, coffee, dirt and rocks not included.

*NOTE* This notebook is sized for “The Bullet Notebook Armor” and is too small for "The Rocket Notebook Armor".

*NOTE* Please specify what notebooks you want in the comments if you chose the 2 pack bundle, black sketchbooks are SOLD OUT and not available for two pack bundle. If you specify a black sketchbook it will be substituted with a green sketchbook.