Project Combobreaker - Sticker Pack

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4" Vinyl Silkscreen Sugar Skull Stickers.

3 sticker designs available: "Sugar Pot" Measures approximately 5" x 2" Based off the traditional AF Ammo "Pisspot". The "Pisspot" is a symbol of munitions handlers throughout the services, and easily recognized by anyone who's worked in that field. The "Shell" has been replaced with a skull and traditional flames extending from the top vent. The image was drawn in the sugar skull style and incorporates "fire protection" symbols into the intricacies.

"La Bomba" Measures approximately 4" x 3" Based off the EOD functional badge. This design features a traditional Sailor Jerry style pinup center drawn with a more modern take. Intricacies flow across the bomb.

"20mm Skull" Measures approximately 4" x 3.5" A traditional sugar skull framed by ornate 20mm rounds and flash style roses. Pack comes with one of each unless otherwise noted in comments.

Please add in the comments which stickers you'd like if you would like to change.

All orders will come with logo sticker, and possibly bonus free stickers.