Sugar Pot - V1 PVC Patch (Limited Edition)

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Combobreaker Series

We have been labeled hooligans by many because we curse, drink and fight. Some people think this is unprofessional behavior, but when your job is the cornerstone of your country’s military might, with a mission of killing people and breaking their stuff... well I think that's about as professional as it gets. Our mottos, calls and slogans would make a hooker blush. Our modus operandi can be summed up easily by the creed “Work hard, play hard”. We are the outcasts and the often forgotten, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Proper pariahs all. 

Traditional Pisspot flames marked with intricacies. The "Shell" has been replaced with a skull and the image was drawn in the sugar skull style that incorporates "fire protection" symbols into the intricacies.

Sugar Pot

  • 5 inch height 2 inch width
  • Hook side backed
  • PVC molded
  • Carded and numbered
  • Limited Edition 100

Order limit 3 per person